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What is the importance of Page Speed?

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Page Speed is one of the most important factors of retaining the traffic. Many users will instantly click off of your website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Think about it, we all have done this our selves.

What impacts page speed?

  • Image size

  • Page size

Image Size

Images are frequently used on websites. They help convey concepts that words alone cannot. A web page’s size increases as images are added, though, and this causes a noticeable slowdown in how quickly it loads. To improve the speed of your website, think about compressing or reducing photographs to the recommended file size of 500 KB. When done effectively, compressing images and information may save 30% of websites more than 250 KB of data.

It’s crucial to choose the proper photo file size because it might significantly affect how quickly a website loads. If you don’t need translucent backgrounds, JPEGs are typically more SEO-friendly than PNGs since they offer higher degrees of compression.

The vector-based SVG file format is widely used for logos and other high-resolution, computer-generated visuals (make sure that your server caches, minifies, and compresses that format as well).

Simple animations without the need for vast color gamut should only be stored in the GIF format (they are limited to 256 colors). It may be preferable to utilize a true video format for lengthy and substantial animated graphics because it enables video sitemaps and schema.

Page Size

One of the most important factors in the success of your business is getting website visitors to execute the activities you want them to.

The load speed of your website also affects how soon users can find it.

Website speed is one of the factors Google considers when ranking websites. A website with low performance is less promoted in search results and offers a poor user experience.

Website usability elements including page speed, load time, and responsiveness to user requests directly affect customer loyalty. Your users will be pleased the more successful your website is. A positive user experience might contribute to the growth of a sizable customer base and a strong brand.


There might be more information in a photo than first seems. Web pictures, which are frequently overlooked and underestimated, are now receiving more attention, and their significance is expanding for a number of reasons, from simply boosting user experience and content to giving consumers the ability to visually identify more objects through image search itself. To maximize traffic, start with the end in mind and explain the optimal course of action to your editorial staff. Optimization and execution may be very different depending on your company’s goals.

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