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What is Search Engine Optimization

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What is the most beautiful place in the world? According to google it is South Island, New Zealand. Now I have personally been to South Island and I was not let down, however, how does google know? The secret is out, Google’s algorithm has been cracked. Out of tens of thousands of reviews and opinions, google chose to trust with your vacation plans.

Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO is the installation of key words, headers, backlinking, and various other optimizing strategies used by companies to show up first on google. By optimizing your website using these algorithmic tricks you will push your website above all others creating a heavy flow of organic traffic.

Adding pages, key words, and a more appealing website is only the tip of the iceberg to ranking higher on google. Multimillion dollar firms charge premium rates for this service and deserve every dollar. Google is constantly changing this algorithm and these companies update your website monthly, weekly, and even daily to ensure you stay above your competition.

SEO Learning Tools

While having an industry titan optimizing your website is great, most website owners can’t shell out thousands per month. For all you “Do it yourself” enthusiasts committed to building their website up without splurging, there is a solution. Programs like SEMrush show you the big picture. They will show what key words google is looking for, how many you have, and how many your competition have. SEMrush shows you how difficult your niche is to rise on google and is instrumental for everyone from large to small websites.


SEM rush will also show you how many backlinks your website has. Backlines are vital in search engine optimization. When choosing what websites to list, google looks through immense amounts of information focusing on how many people linked your website. From Forbes to reddit every link count and large companies pay top dollar to be linked.

Yes, there is a decent chance that “top 10 laptops” link you trusted had many companies paying for spots. Paying for backlinks can help your website both through immediate traffic and increased optimization. Once again, it sounds great to have your website listed on these common “top 10” lists, however, it is not cheap. A great way to create backlinks is to use your new search engine optimization skills to create blogs with links (sound familiar?). This won’t sell products immediately but will heavily boost your google ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is easy to learn but difficult to implement and prefect. That being said, it falls into the category of “If it was easy, everyone would do it”. Putting time into learning SEO will greatly benefit your website. It is a hill worth climbing and a race worth winning. Small steps each day will add up and before you know it you will see your website on the first page of google. Learning new skills is part of the game and a valuable part of life. One of these days you might even be able to make your city the most beautiful place in the world.

  • Competitor Analysis

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization

  • Image Optimization

  • Local Search Engine Optimization

  • Blog Publishing

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