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The Ultimate Guide to Backlinks

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Congratulations on taking the initiative to learn SEO. These skills will give you the ability to push your website up the google ranks and drive organic traffic to your business. A well thought out SEO strategy is important and there is a lot of information required (you can do it!). We are here to answer the question “How to build organic traffic”. Backlinks are one of the most difficult areas to master in the world of search engine optimization. With headers, keywords, and website design it is all on you. If you put in enough work, you can optimize it and build continuous organic traffic. Backlinks, however, must be given by other companies. They are difficult to obtain but loved by the google search engine.

What are Backlinks

Backlinks are inbound links to a website or web page. They are important for businesses because they help with search engine optimization and give an indication of the popularity of a website.

A backlink is an inbound link that points to your site and passes on some of your PageRank to the pages it links to. Backlinks are also important for search engine optimization because they can help improve your rankings on Google.

Search engines use backlinks as one of their ranking factors, which means that you need to have at least a few backlinks pointing at your site if you want to rank well in search results.

Through other companies/blogs/websites linking your website google is shown that you are doing something (or many things in your case) right.

Now that you understand what backlinks are lets discuss how to build them and increase organic traffic!

Putting out high quality information is a great way to get clean authentic backlinks. Your page could be referenced and sent to others interested in what you are talking about. These backlinks will build up and show google you are putting out trustworthy and well taken information. This information will bounce around the internet getting you organic traffic as well as trust.

Using outbound links is also a helpful way to build backlinks. Partnering with companies and linking them could cause them to do the same with you. Building mutually beneficial partnerships is important for business. Keep an eye out for possibly allies in the rough world of business.

For example, let’s say Arduino owns a landscaping company. He (of course) loves his business and puts his heart into it. Arduino then stumbles upon Paul. Paul owns a roofing company and is constantly soliciting and trying to find roofing clients. Paul and Arduino can now work together, whenever Paul finishes a landscaping job, he can tell the clients about Arduino’s landscaping and vice versa. This is common in business and is the same way in SEO. Don’t hesitate to reach out to some businesses around you selling complimentary products. You could provide each other with additional jobs and backlinks.

Short Cuts

When looking for partners for backlinks from partners are shortcuts you can take. DO NOT TAKE THESE. There is a concept called backlink farming where people post each other’s links on tons of pages. Google will find out and cut off all your backlinks, even your naturally build ones. There are countless stories of hard-working business owners who were enticed by these sleezy tactics. They look good for a couple months then your business ends up significantly worse than it started when google ghosts (as the kids say) your website. You will also be on Google’s radar as a cheater.

The goal in SEO is to work with google, building trust in the reliability of your website and business. Trying to cheat google to push to the top might work in the short term but is simply a terrible long-term strategy. Your job in SEO is to prove to google you can help the people searching for your website. They will do the rest.

Valuable Information

The truth about obtaining backlinks is you must be putting information of products that people enjoy and want to share. We all understand the great feeling of showing our friends and family something great that will help them out. Putting out honest, helpful, and high-quality information will organically drive backlinks. Whether you are writing blogs or posting TikToks helping people with stocks good information is the key.

Ultimate Backlinks Guide

Publishing guides is another proven way of building backlinks. Everyone needs to look up a guide every once in a while, (or constantly for me). Let’s look at the example before. Arduino has owned his company for quite a while and learned a lot. Let say, for example, he had a seeding job for a lawn. Arduino accidently did the entire job with the wrong seeds. He was supposed to use Kentucky Bluegrass but instead used St. Augustine grass. OH NO!

I am sure we all have made a mistake like this when starting a business (I know I have). Arduino then spent countless hours researching types of grass so he would never make this mistake again. This is an opportunity for valuable information. Writing a detailed guide to finding the correct types of seeds and what to do if you mess it up is important information for people in these situations. His landscaping company will now have a backlink for everyone who links his beautifully written grass guide. Arduino can also put a small ad in this guide in case you are worried and want to let the pros (ArduioLandscaping.Fake) handle the job.


In conclusion backlinks are vital in understanding how to build organic traffic. There are many legitimate ways to build grow them and raise your website to the top ranks of google. From building partnerships with other businesses to staying away from sleezy websites I am sure you can do it. If you are interested in backlinks, I suggest you check out our blogs on follow and non-follow backlinks. Feel free to dive down this rabbit hole with us and grow your backlinks. There is a lot to learn but as I said above, I am sure you can do it. Business is hard but so are you. If you want to get deeper into SEO check out BacklinkStrategies, they post quality and informative content!

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