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Instagram hashtags

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Instagram hashtags have the power to make or ruin your social media marketing plan. Use them properly, and you’ll increase the number of individuals who read your posts who are more likely to be interested in your items or brand. However, if you use the incorrect, you risk offending potential followers and losing followers altogether by being penalized by Instagram’s algorithm. You need to have a strategy in mind and a thorough understanding of how hashtags function in order to use them successfully on Instagram.

Why do we use hashtags?

The enhanced exposure and discovery are the main benefits of hashtag use. Instagram displays a gallery of the top and most recent posts that included a certain hashtag when you click on it. Branded hashtags provide another level of engagement when you promote their use. A caption that contains too many hashtags looks cluttered and takes up too much space. If you want to use more hashtags, transfer them to a comment and keep the caption short.

Top 50 Instagram hashtags 2022

  • #love

  • #fashion

  • #photooftheday

  • #art

  • #photography

  • #beautiful

  • #instagram

  • #nature

  • #picoftheday

  • #happy

  • #follow

  • #travel

  • #style

  • #tbt

  • #instadaily

  • #like4like

  • #repost

  • #summer

  • #beauty

  • #selfie

  • #me

  • #instalike

  • #girl

  • #friends

  • #smile

  • #photo

  • #family

  • #life

  • #music

  • #ootd

  • #likeforlike

  • #makeup

  • #model

  • #follow4follow

  • #likes4likes

  • #amazing

  • #igers

  • #lifestyle

  • #design

  • #sunset

  • #nofilter

  • #motivation

  • #beach

  • #handmade

  • #foodporn

  • #instamood

  • #explore

  • #artist

  • #dogsofinstagram

  • #cat

How many hashtags should you use?

A standard post can have up to 30 hashtags, while a story can have up to 10 hashtags. Your caption or remark won’t publish if you attempt to add more. However, just because Instagram allows for so many hashtags doesn’t mean you should. There is no ideal quantity of hashtags for any one business or even for each post made by the same company. The general view is that starting with 11 hashtags is a decent amount. But between 1 and 3 hashtags are the most popular range to use on Instagram.

Where to find trending hashtags

There isn’t a list of Instagram’s most used hashtags. However, on Instagram, you can search for a hashtag to discover how many posts have referenced it. A list of more popular Instagram hashtags with related phrases and post counts is also provided. You can rapidly identify trendy hashtags as they appear on Instagram if you keep an eye on your feed. But don’t be too eager to follow a fad. Use a trending hashtag in your post only if it makes sense for your company and the particular information in the post.

How to find the perfect branded hashtag

While you don’t need want to copy your competitors’ tactics exactly, looking at the hashtags they employ might provide you some useful insights into what’s working for others in your sector. Perhaps you’ll come across some fresh hashtags to add to your collection. You might also opt not to compete for the same audience, in which case you could look for different hashtags to employ. If members of your audience are already utilizing a certain hashtag, then others who share their interests are definitely doing the same. It’s a terrific strategy to increase your audience and connect with the individuals who are most likely to be interested in your company to find these current Instagram groups.

Tips & Tricks

Insight, when transitioning to a business profile on Instagram you will see a section labeled “insight”. It provides information as to where the account and post traffic is from. This information enables you to identify the hashtags that will increase reach the greatest.

Spam hashtags, The only way to know if a hashtag is forbidden is to research it before using it. Applying this process each time you add a new hashtag to your toolset is a smart idea. Using illegal hashtags may lower engagement since they may make using legal hashtags less effective because you run the risk of being dropped from the algorithm.

Hashtag meaning, Additionally, brands are occasionally too eager to join a popular hashtag without properly grasping the context. When the situation is difficult, this might be disastrous for the brand’s PR.

Saving hashtags, You may store hashtags that you frequently use in a note to save time entering them in repeatedly. Even better, make distinct lists of hashtags appropriate for the various post kinds you produce. Instead of having to remember the hashtags or look for new ones for every post, you can simply select and choose a small number of hashtags to use each time.

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